villa accommodation in Devonport, Auckland

The Rainbow Villa Guest House, Devonport Accommodation

I look forward to welcoming you to my home, the Rainbow Villa, a beautiful and historic Victorian villa, built out of kauri in 1885, which I refurbished and restored in December 1996.

I don’t offer a breakfast option at the villa - which is reflected in the room tariff - because we are surrounded by cafes offering breakfast specials with an amazing variety of excellent food who are open from early morning. One of them, Corelli’s, just down the road also has free WiFi. And there’s no rush to get out of bed if you want a lie in.

In addition tea and coffee are readily available in our kitchen for anyone wanting a morning or evening cuppa.

- Judy McGrath


Address: 17 Rattray Street, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand

+64 9 445 3597